Mostly, this is random stories from my various trips as I collect them, but I've a wee backlog to get through too and those will pop up occasionally.

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The Bikes

Like any keen cyclist, my needs and wants vary over time and there's always a niche or specialism which isn't quite covered by the current collection.

The Onion (currently retired): (so called because some wags on the internet can't read the decals on the downtube)

A £350 Titanium hardtail frame from ebay, built up with mostly 2nd hand parts from the Singletrackworld classifieds. As an occasional commuter, lightweight trail bike for the local hills and fitted with a rack for off-road touring.

The Agree:

A full-carbon sportive-friendly bike for on-road training and faster days out. It's really comfy and whisks me along at a decent rate of knots.

The Amazon:

Built as a lightweight tourer and also used for commuting, I've occasionally changed the tyres to some 35c Maxxis Raze and given it a massive range of gears to enjoy a bit of Cyclocross experience.

The Blur XC Carbon

Bought and built when I first started in the bike shop and when I wanted to maximise my trade discount. Light, snappy, great bike which doesn't get used nearly often enough.

The 9:zero:7


Originally built with an Alfine hub, I was hoping for low maintenance and no icing up. However, i had issues with the lack of really low gears so it's now running 2x9. 

Tyres run at 6-10psi and are amazingly comfy.

The strange handlebars (Jones Loop Bars) give me a few extra hand positions and somewhere to strap a tent to.

OK. It's a bit niche, but for certain rides and certain times of the year, it'll be the perfect bike. In the mean time, I'm enjoying it on all sorts of trails I hadn't expected to. Even Spooky Woods at Glentress is a hoot!

The Burls

Having decided to do a bit more bikepacking, I thought it was time to invest in something more ideally suited to the task. With the option of running front suspension or rigid forks and with a selection of tyres, I reckon this could be doing the most mileage for the next couple of years.